This process begins as soon as an idea strikes the creation. Pitching, prototyping, brainstorming, brainwriting are a few popular ideation techniques. The expert who has reviewed the brief of the idea pitched to him, now is able to completely comprehend the exposure and complexity of the idea. This will result in a more scoped and in- depth core version of the prototype.


The word pitch refers to a line of conversation that means to persuade or convince someone upon an idea. The first stage of the development of an idea into a product is the pitching of one's idea to the executive and gaining an investment for the same. The organisation should put value in the appointment of an idea coordinator whose role is to assess if the idea is beneficial enough for the company.


This is the last stage of development before the product is ready to come into the market and interact with the real user. Evaluate your product and record all the findings, flaws, recommendations and Kpi results. Present all your observations to the panel of experts. Organize a retrospective with all the idea process stakeholders. Decide if the product will be released for a full go-live.


'The smallest company in the world can look as large as the biggest company on the web'- Steve Jobs.

IIIC, formally known as IIITA Info-Communication Incubation Center is a one-stop platform for individuals with creative minds and innovating ideas to come up and fulfill their dreams and aspirations to become successful future entrepreneurs.

After all, 'An entrepreneur isn't someone who owns a business, it's someone who makes things happen.' - Tim Ferriss.

IIIC, a Business incubator is set up under the aegis of IIITA catalyzed and supported by the department of Electronics and Technology under the Startup India project by the Govt. of India.


“You can't realize your dream until you don't start. IIIC gives you exposure and support. It brings budding entrepreneurs together to champion new initiatives, bring products and services to market. It realizes your dream of becoming an entrepreneur.”


IIIT Allahabad IEEE Member

“A Dream Doesn't Become Real With Magic,IIIC Is Standing As A Bridge In Helping Us Reach Our Dreams. It Was A Sigh Of Relief Working With Proper Guidance And Exposure With Great Ventures. The Environment Is So Healthy And Provides Confidence To Sustain As A Startup With Ease. Here Our Entrepreneurial Skills Are Moulded And Subjected To Crucial Verification Which Makes Us Understand Where We Stand Out And Lack. The Best Platform For An Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Indeed”


IIIT Allahabad IEEE Member

“Attending Ideation Contest by IIIC and getting incubation was a turning point in my life. Support of IIIC and my hard-working teammates opened my eyes and mind to more possibilities that I could ever have imagined if I didn't attend tjis contest. I met many entrepreneurs and it changed my vision towards the startup world. IIIC helped me provide a kick-start. ”


Aqram Ahmad
IIIT Allahabad


We, at IIIC, unlock the young minds by not only showing them the doors of opportunity but also equipping them with apt resources and technology to take entrepreneurship a step ahead in India and let the youth discover the hidden entrepreneur in them. Say welcome to your dreams at IIIC.

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